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Outstanding Corrosion Protection and Corrosion Resistance!

Conforms to:
Electroless Nickel per ASTM B733
Electroless Nickel per Mil-C-26074
Electroless Nickel per AMS 2404 & AMS 26074


-ROHS and ELV Compliant

-Phosphorus content of 10 - 12%

-Outstanding Corrosion Protection and Corrosion Resistance.

-Uniform deposit, ideal for odd shaped and threaded parts.

-Inside diameter (ID) plating on cylinders, boxes, and other complex shaped parts, good benefit to prevent corrosion on ID's.

-Hardness of 48 - 55 Rc, as plated

-Excellent wear and abrasion resistance,
(wear Resistance of 12 - 16 TWI, as plated)

-Over 1000 hours of Salt Spray Resistance per ASTM B117

-Rack System Aided for Large production runs.

-Plating methods include: Barrel Plating, Rack Plating, and
Hand Plating

-Electroless Nickel on Aluminum, Stainless Steel Alloys, Inconel, Copper Alloys, and Steel

-Precise plating thickness, capable of accomplishing a tolerance of +-.0001" (100 micro inches).

-Electroless Nickel thickness measuring is performed using a non-destructive test method in accordance to ASTM B 568.

-Instrument used to determine Electroless Nickel thickness is a Fischercope X-Ray, accomplishing a margin of error less than 5% using certified thickness foil standards.

-Custom Masking is available for selective plating areas.

-We are conveniently located in Houston, Texas, and we provide Electroless Nickel services to customers in Texas, in California, in Illinois, and all throughout the United States.

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