Barrel Plating

barrel plated componentsAccurate Precision Plating offers Barrel Plating as one of our plating methods. Barrel Plating is an efficient way of plating due to its low cost and the fact that it is ideal for large runs of parts that are small and durable. As experts in our field, APP can help determine if barrel plating it right for your needs.  

Barrel Plating Process

The parts are placed inside a barrel that slowly rotates while it is immersed in the plating solution. This method ensures that all parts receive equal, uniform coatings. Electrical contact is made through the use of danglers/center bars that are located inside the barrel. We strongly recommend this method on high volumes of parts, as barrel plating can accomate many shapes, sizes and metals. However, for parts that are larger or more fragile, rack plating would be the better choice. 

APP provides high quality, precision Barrel Plating as part of our complete metal finishing services. Barrel plating is used for copper plating, bright nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, electrolytic plating, and gold plating.

Our Barrel Plating capabilities include:

  • Fast turnaround, with most products delivered within 3-5 business days (24-48 hr turn around available)
  • Quantities from short run through full production runs

We offer our clients a superior product due to our attention to detail and commitment to quality, supported by the highest level of customer service. Our Barrel Plating services help ensure that your finished part will meet your expectations and perform well when in use. Call today to see how we can solve your finishing challenges.


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