Copper Busbar Plating

Copper Plated Electrical Contacts

Busbar systems have several concerns and design constraints which make plating necessary.  Among these issues include:

  • Short-circuits
  • Weakness at joints
  • Heat build up
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long-term maintenance

Copper Busbar Plating Advantages

Copper is a common choice for busbars because of its conductive and mechanical properties. Though copper is corrosion resistant it will still oxidize given enough time. Copper's oxidation layer while not as conductive still maintains some conductivity. As copper oxidizes it will slowly become less conductive and eventually begin to weaken, flake and fall apart.

Plating busbars can help prevent corrosion. This allows the busbar to maintain a cleaner contact surface. Accurate Precision Plating offers:

  • Tin Plating for Copper
  • Nickel Plating for Copper
  • Silver Plating for Copper

At APP, we offer our clients a superior product due to our attention to detail and commitment to quality, supported by the highest level of customer service. Our staff works with each client to ensure that each project is completed to your exact specifications. The tolerances we provide are:

We offer both copper rack plating and copper barrel plating. Accurate Precision Plating offers close tolerances, fast turnaround and 24 hour a day runtime.

Copper Busbar Plating Applications

Busbars are used for power distribution within industrial processes or buildings. They can be large enough to distribute power between multiple floors, or small enough to fit in a distribution panel. Busbars allow simpler and more flexible distribution of power. Busbars can be open or enclosed. For longer systems or ones that need adjustments joints can be used to extend length or adapt the configuration. This allows factories, data centers hospitals to move machinery without calling an electrician.

Accurate Precision Plating is here to adapt to the needs of our customers. Please contact us for any of your plating needs.

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