Electrolytic Plating

ASTM B689, AMS-QQ-N-290

Electrolytic Plating MethodsAccurate Precision Plating (APP) specializes in high quality, precision electrolytic plating services for industrial applications. A leading metal finishing services company, we offer our clients a superior product due to our attention to detail and commitment to quality, supported by the highest level of customer service. Our staff has the expertise to finish your metal part to your exact specifications and to the tightest tolerances. You can be assured your electrolytic plating project will be completed right the first time and your part delivered to you production-ready.

Electrolytic Coating Benefits

APP offers precision electrolytic plating services for conductor parts, wires, tubing, process equipment and wear parts. Electrolytic plating bonds the coating to the metal part by the use of electrically-charged coatings. The charged coatings are chemically bonded to the part, and the process may change some of the characteristics of the metal in the base part. Electrolytic coatings are used to increase the wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance of the part, and can also improve the aesthetic qualities of the part. Electrolytic coatings can be used for complex shapes and to coat interior and exterior surfaces, but the coatings are not as uniform as with electroless nickel plating.

Electrolytic Plating Capabilities

  • Barrel plating
  • Rack plating
  • Vibratory plating
  • Precise plating thickness to exact tolerances of +/- .0001” (100 micro inches)
  • Plating for a range of metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel-silver and copper alloys, Inconel® and Monel®
  • Custom masking services
  • Fast turnaround, with most products delivered within 3-5 days. We offer 24-48 hour turnaround availability.
  • Quantities from short run through full production runs

Our extensive quality control measures throughout production include non-destructive testing in accordance with ASTM B 568 to measure the thickness of the coating. Using Fischerscope X-Ray equipment, we can measure the thickness of the foil with a margin of error less than 5%. We offer 100% testing, if needed for your parts. We can manufacture to meet industry and regulatory standards, including ASTM B488, AMS 2422 and MIL-G-45204. All our processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and are RoHS and ELV compliant.

At APP, we are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations for your electrolytic plating application through efficient, effective processes, high quality control and superior customer service. Call today to see how we can solve your plating challenges.?

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