MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating Specifications

What is MIL-G-45204?

MIL-G-45204 is a gold plating specification for the electrodeposition of gold and the properties of the deposit. These specifications are typically used within the  aerospace, automotive, home electronics, oil & gas, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Common applications that use this type of specification are barrels, connector pins, electrical switch contacts, and other high-tech electronic components. 

Accurate Precision Plating gold plates all mediums to meet MIL-G-45204 plating specification standards, and in all types (Type I, II, and III) and Grade A-D. The different specifications are related to the different purity levels of hard and soft gold. Below is a description of each of these types:

Type Purity Hardness
Type I 99.7% Gold Minimum  A (90 HK25 max) to C (130-200 HK25)
Type II 99.0% Gold Minimum B (91-129 KH25) to D (> 200 HK25)
Type III 99.9% Gold Minimum A only (90 HK25 Max)


Type I can be used for the improvement of solderability, electrical contacts requiring high reliability. 

Type II is typically used form general purpose applications for hardening agents in the gold plating can oxidize under conditions of high temperature.

Type III is most commonly used for thermocompression, bonding, nuclear engineering, as well as high-temperature applications and semiconductor components. 


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