Steel Passivation Services

QQ-P-35 Passivation

At Accurate Precision Plating we offer industrial passivation. Passivation is used to remove impurities on the surface of stainless steel alloys. Our services meet ASTM-A967 Type II, VI, and QQ-P-35 Type II AND VI specifications.

passivating stainless steel electrical componentsPassivation helps improve the corrosion resistance without having to plate. It provides a clean surface and eliminates iron contamination reactions with other materials. Passivation helps restore the corrosion resistance surface. Iron deposits and other foreign materials are left on the surface of the stainless steel in the course of metal fabrication. These deposits, whether loose or imbedded in the surface, provide breaks that can allow corrosion to begin. In passivation, a chemical bath removes surface contaminants, providing a chromium-rich, corrosion resistant surface finish. We have the ability to passivate stainless steel and a wide range of metals.

Industries served automotive, aviation, electronics, fasteners, industrial connectors, instrumentation, telecommunication and RF microwave semi-conductor sensor, machining, material handling, medical passivation, military prototype oil field, and valve industries. 

Our Passivation Capabilities:

  • Rack Plating
  • Barrel Plating
  • Custom Masking
  • Fast turnaround, with¬† most products delivered within 3-5 business days (24-48 hr turn around available)
  • Quantities from short run through full production runs

At, APP we are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations for your plating applications through efficient, effective processed high quality control and superior customer service. Call today to see how we can solve your plating needs.

ISO: 9001:2015

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