MIL-C-26074 Plating Specifications

What is MIL-C-26074?

MIL-C-26074 is an electroless nickel plating specification for applying precision coatings to a variety of shapes and sizes. These specifications are typically used within the  aerospace, automotive, home electronics, oil & gas, as well as the pharmaceutical industries. Common applications for the MIL-C-26074 (AMS 26074) specification are barrel plating, rack plating, and vibratory plating.

Accurate Precision Plating electroless nickel plates all mediums to meet MIL-C-26074 plating specification standards, and in all classes (class 1, 2, 3, and 4) and Grade A-C. The specification can cover requirements for electroless deposition of nickel coatings on a variety of metal surfaces. Below is a description of each of these classes:







 As plated, there is no subsequent heat treatment.


 Heat treatment to achieve required hardness, and can be used on any metal that is not impacted by heating 500°F and above.


 Aluminum alloys not treatable by heat, and beryllium alloys are processed to aid in adhesion of the nickel.


 Aluminum alloys, treatable by heat, processed to aid in adhesion of nickel deposit.



Grade A should follow the grade of 0.0010 - inch minimum thickness.

Grade B should follow the grade of 0.0005 - inch minimum thickness.

Grade C should follow the grade of 0.0015 - inch minimum thickness.


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